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Precision Steel Balls

For 80 years, Hartford has manufactured precision steel balls in stainless
steel, chrome steel, and carbon steel, also tungsten carbide and brass.
We produce a broad range of geometric tolerances and sizes, including
miniature balls.

Hartford precision steel balls are manufactured for the widest range
of service environments; a range of surface finishes, coatings, platings, and
heat treating processes are applied to optimize performance, maximize
service life, and to minimize maintenance.

Hartford precision steel balls are vital to products as diverse as cars
and cosmetics, pumps and power tools, valves and vacuums. They are a leading
choice for applications that involve extreme wear and temperature conditions.

And if you manufacture valves, Hartford has extensive capabilities and
expertise for the design and manufacturing of balls for valves.

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities and logistics on both sides of the
world can accommodate immediate needs, future requirements – and rush
projects virtually anywhere in the world. (See PDF)


Hartford Technologies products conform to these major
standard industrial specifications for precision balls:

  • ANSI / AFBMA Standard 10 Metal Balls
  • ISO 3290 Rolling Bearings – Balls – Dimensions and Tolerances
  • DIN 5401 Finished Steel Balls for Rolling Bearings
  • ASTM F 2215
  • ASTM F2215
  • ASTM F2215-08
  • ASTM F 2215-08

This specification covers requirements for ferrous and nonferrous inch balls.
The balls are intended for use in bearings, bearing applications, check valves,
and other components using balls.

Email us your application and dimensional specs and let Hartford
suggest precision steel balls for your next program.

Hartford also specializes in precision drilled balls for automotive, scientific,
educational, and general manufacturing applications.



Hartford Technologies is a leading American manufacturer of metal & precision steel balls (stainless steel, chrome steel,
carbon steel) and custom ball & roller bearings with manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and China.  We provide
comprehensive value-added services, including application engineering and inventory management, to a customer
base that spans automotive to medical, leisure products to agriculture.

Hartford customers include leading OEMs, and diverse, specialized manufacturers on four continents.  Our commitment
is to combine technical innovation with agility, responsiveness and institutional strength - strength that comes from a
conservative management team, global manufacturing and logistics capability, and more than 80 years of leadership.

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