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Ball Sleeves

ball sleeves

Balls sleeves typically consist of a housing (sleeve). The ball sleeve is either molded plastic or stamped metal, plus steel balls.

The function of the ball sleeve is to hold the balls in relative orientation (so they don’t bunch up together.) With ball sleeves, the pocket design is critical for functionality. The balls/rollers must be easily assembled but also securely retained so they don’t fall out with normal handling. The balls/rollers must still roll freely.

Hartford Technologies is a multinational supplier of ball sleeves. Applications that use our ball sleeves include automotive telescoping steering column and tool and die set guide posts.

Hartford Technologies bearing design engineers are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. Additionally, our ability to manufacture on both sides of the globe gives Hartford customers a substantial advantage in cost and flexibility. Our prototype lab and manufacturing facilities provide fast turn-around and can accommodate major programs with strict delivery requirements.

Tell us your requirements for ball sleeves and let us provide a solution. Hartford Technologies is proud to be a preferred supplier of ball sleeves for OEMs and Tier 1s. Let us put our 80+ years of experience to great use – request a consultation to show us your application drawings or components today.