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CSK Bearings, Clutch Bearings, One-Way Bearings, Single-Direction Bearings, Sprag Bearings

Clutch bearings function as a ball bearing when rotated in one direction,
and prevent rotation when turned in the opposite direction. This is
accomplished by using spring-loaded sprags, which act as a wedge.
Clutch bearings are variously known as CSK bearings, one-way bearings,
single direction bearings, and sprag bearings.

Hartford clutch bearings are manufactured from high quality bearing
grade chrome steel ( 52100 / GCr15) and are pre-lubricated.

They are a leading choice wherever rotation must be limited to a
single direction. Applications where Hartford clutch bearings are most
beneficial include:

  • Machinery used in mining, printing, and textile manufacturing
  • Products such as laundry equipment and conveyors
  • Subassemblies used in mission-critical applications
  • Safety applications involving power loss

Hartford clutch bearings are manufactured with
bores to 40mm and torque ratings to 384 lb. ft.

CSK Bearings, Clutch Bearings, One-Way Bearings, Single-Direction Bearings, Sprag Bearings

Clutch bearing dimensions are shown in millimeters.

Hartford also manufactures clutch bearings with two lip seals.
These bearings have slightly greater widths.

These Hartford bearings can be manufactured with a keyway on
the inner race, or with keyways on both the inner and outer races.



Hartford Technologies is a leading American manufacturer of custom ball & roller bearings and bearing assemblies,
clutch bearings, and precision balls and rollers, with manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and China. We provide
comprehensive value-added services, including application engineering and inventory management, to a customer
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Hartford customers include leading OEMs, and diverse, specialized manufacturers on four continents.  Our commitment
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