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Hartford Technologies is the global solution to industry's need for precision engineered rolling elements and assemblies.

Our product designers and US-based technical support team are the most experienced in the world with precision balls and bearings.
We lead the industry in providing innovative, practical solutions.

From strategic manufacturing locations in the US and Asia,

Hartford provides rolling element solutions that are tailored to the temperature, friction and load of the work environment, the hardness, finish and sliding velocity of the mating surface, and customer preferences for material and service life.

Every facet of Hartford's manufacturing system is configured for highest repeatability.

Our global quality team enforces US automotive standards for tolerance, metallurgy and surface characteristics for all programs.
We also provide US-based inventory management tailored to customer needs.

Hartford has achieved ISO 14001 certification.

This important and far-reaching program establishes criteria for an environmental management system, and assures customers and others in our supply chain that environmental impact is being measured and improved.



We engineer rolling element solutions, and assembly solutions, for industry worldwide. From manufacturing facilities in the US and China, we supply custom
bearing assemblies, precision stainless steel balls, precision steel and plastic balls, bearing components, and rollers, pins & shafts.

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